Secured Transactions Practice: Security Agreements to Foreclosures, Part 1

Thursday September 21, 2017

Secured transactions – taking a security interest in collateral in exchange for a loan of money– are the most common form of commercial transaction and help finance most businesses in the United States.  Because of their scale and importance, immense attention is paid to and often enormous pressure placed on every minute detail of secured transactions – from financing statements, security agreements and perfection to seizure and sale of property on foreclosure.  These secured transactions are governed by the UCC Article 9, which can make them more costly, difficult to draft, and introduce risks into enforcement and foreclosures.  Failure to comply with UCC Article 9 in drafting security agreements, perfecting a creditor’s interest, or on the foreclosure of a lien can easily cause the value of the transaction to be lost.  This program will provide you with a real-world guide to drafting the most important components of a security agreement, perfecting the interest, and cost-effective enforcement of liens.

Handout Materials Will be Emailed to You Prior to the Seminar

Starts 12:00 p.m.
1.0 MCLE Credit Hours

  • Lifecycle of UCC Article 9 secured transactions
  • Drafting cost-effective and enforceable security agreements
  • What to do when something about the debtor changes – e.g., name, location, ownership
  • Guidance on different types of collateral – accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, intellectual property
  • Anti-assignment provisions regarding collateral
  • Practical techniques to increase the enforceability of security agreements and reduce risks in foreclosure


Steven O. Weise, Proskauer Rose, LLP – Los Angeles